Thursday, February 3, 2011

Session 3 - A Visit to Throckwoddle the City

Date: Unknown (please let me know if you remember the date)

Location: Bobby's

Present: Bobby, Jake, Joey, Wes

After the fight in the Abbey the party, along with the rest of the crew, boards the Imperative and sets sail.

Four days after leaving the Abbey the voyagers loose sight of land for the ifrst time in their journey. Belven is wandering around the ship, killing time, when he sees a gnomish crewman storming angrily out of Captain Angus' cabin. Lear is occupied with assisting Jaquees experiment on the plant and Dewel is on duty in the crows nest, so Belven decides to follow the gnome and see what's up.

Belven follows him into the hold and asks him if he needs to talk. The gnome clearly wishes to be left alone, but when Belven presses him he says that it's an argument between him and the captain and that he doesn't want to talk about it. Giving up for the moment, Belven asks if he can stay and poke around in the hold. The gnome grudgingly gives permission. After a few minutes Belven asks the gnome what he's doing in the hold. The gnome gives him a long look and says, "Well, I am the quartermaster's mate." Doggedly Belven takes this as an opportunity to press the gnome for a fouth time about his arguement with the Captain. The Gnome gives in and says that he wants to take a boat out to Throckwoddle the City with the other gnomes of the crew to celebrate a gnomish feastday and the Captain said no. Belven offers to speak with the Captain on the gnomish crew's behalf. The QM's mate lights up and says that Rusty Lockbottom, the boatswain's mate, is the best rower on board and should be able to get the group there and back with no real impact to the voyage. Belven asks how many gnomes are part of the crew and is told 7 on the Imperative, 6 on the Roundabout.

Belven heads to Dr. Jaquee's Office, a cabin that has been made into a makeshift lab/office, to find Lear. He finds Lear alone researching the plant and fills him in on the gnome situation. The two of them then head topside to get Dewel's input. Dewel says it would be almost impossible for the dingy to catch up with the ship on full sail. Sensing that his party mates don't understand the significance of the hoiday Belven fills them in.

The feastday honors Throckwoddle the Mighty who brokered a deal with the people on the hills to allow the gnomes to live above ground during a period when a horde of gnolls was driving the gnomes out of their hereditary tunnels. He then raised an army through the contacts with his new allies and pushed the gnolls out of the tunnels. The holiday is celebrated with a huge feast and frequent "romantic congress".

Dewel says that the voyage is currently on schedule and if the wind holds will be several days ahead. The extra time could be used as a bargaining chip with the Captain. The party decides to take up the gnome's cause. Belven and Dewel head to meet the captain and Lear goes back to his research.

Our heroes knock on Angus' door and he answers grumpily. Testily he asks "What are YOU going to ask me?" Dewel starts off with "Well, we were talking to the Quartermaster's mate..." Immediately Veins pop out on Angus' head. Dewel hurriedly makes his case to allow for the gnomes to attend the celebration. The Captain breaks in and asks suspiciously what the gnomes offered Dewel to take their side. Dewel convinces him that there is no bribe involved. Captain angus sighs and explains (with the suffering air of one who has had to repeat himself incessantly) that he can't allow that many crew members, especially specialists, to go - and he certainly doen't want to risk loosing them to misfortune. He reminds Dewel that they all knew they were going to miss the holiday when they signed on for the voyage.

Belven hops into the conversation at this point, stating that he is concerned for the spiritual well being of the gnomish crew and pointing out what a morale boost attending the holiday would be, especially before the longest leg of the journey. The Captain waffles and says that the gnomes can have 24 hours exactly. After that there will be grave cosequences as he will view any tardiness as muntiny. Belven and Dewel thank the Captain and beat a hasty retreat to confer with Lear.

On the way to meet Lear Cargill asks Dewel why the party is helping the gnomes. Dewel shrugs and asks Cargill if he wishes to come along. Cargill turns down the offer but good naturedly asks Dewel to bring him a funny hat.

Lear, Belven, and Dewel (with Rufus) gather the gnomes who are going around the dinghy and make each of them solemnly swear as gnomes that they will behave and follow the party's orders. The gnomes agree, almost too eagerly, and the group boards the dinghy and sets out for Throckwoddle the City.

Halfway to land they meet with a dinghy of gnomes from the Roundabout. The Roundabout crew is evasive about how they got off the ship. The side expedition make it to the Throckwoddle Docks about dawn, exhausted from rowing through the night but ready to celebrate. The Imperative gnomes agree to stay together as a group with the PCs, but immediately begin arguing about where to go.

While the gnomes fight, the PCs take a moment to observe the city. Throckwoddle the City is a large sprawling metropolis that has been decorated to the gills for the holiday. Streamers, banners, and confetti are everywhere. On every street are booths and vendors, and Dewel takes the opportunity to purchase Cargill a hat from a street vendor.

Sensing no end to the argument and hyperaware of the limited time frame Lear interrupts the fight to declare that the group would be going to the closest home. With only a minor bit of sulking the group flags down a buggy and gets a ride to Noble Stonelifter's home which is a house built into the side of a hill. Everyone goes into a warm reception from the Stonelifter family. Belven and Lear have to sit on the floow of the gnomish sized house, but everyone is made very comfortable. The Imperative crew is treated to a massive feast and the alcohol flows. Everyone begins to get very drowsy.

Concerned, Dewel asks the hostess if there is any way she can help them get back to the ship fast. An elderly Stonelifter chuckles and leads Dewel to the back of the house. The pair step into a large gadget shop. The gnome shifts through various machines and produces a pedal powered outboard motor. He is happy to loan it to the group if they all consent to have a drink with him. Dewel agrees and they head back to the party. The elder Stonelifter brings a bottle of the infamously potent gnomish blue and pours a round of shots. Belven declines his, Dewel is immediately blitzed upon drinking, and Lear definitely feels warm and fuzzy when he tosses his back.

Finally Lear informs the gnomes that it is time to go. The crew understands, and with no fuss but some long goodbyes the group heads back to the dinghy. Upon arrival they see that the boat has been decorated, and they immediately begin installing the "pedal paddler". Lear is designated paddler and after 3 false starts (failed Str checks) the boat begins heading back to the Imperative, making extremely good time.

As they go Lear suggests that the give the "pedal paddler" to Captain Angus as a gesture of gratitude. Belven asks Dewel to broach the topic with Noble, but he is too drunk so Belven decides to try himself. Noble agrees to donate the pedal paddler, but only if Belven moves out of the way so he can be sick over the edge of the boat.

The party approaches the Imperative around sundown, a few hours ahead of schedule. As the dinghy moves closer the PCs notice the sea anchor is down. Dewel is able to see that there a people with greenish heads walking around deck. Slowing the dinghy Lear asks the gnomes if there is any thing around the area that might fit the description given by Dewel, and is told that sahaugin raids are very common. Belven notices that the rowboat from the Roundabout has not arrived yet. After a quick huddle the party decides the Imperative has been boarded, and to attempt to re-take the ship by force. Dewel passes out Abbey Orange wedges (+2 Con for 1 hr) to prep. It is decided that the PCs will assault the sahaugin and the gnomes will try to release the captive crew. Everyone agrees except for a gnomish crewman named Ichabod who wishes to fight with the PCs.

While the plans are being made Dewel recognizes a body that floats by and pulls him into the boat. The group notes that he was killed by trident. Dewel searches the body and finds a small money pouch and a sap, which he pockets.

The dinghy quietly draws along side the Imperative. Noble and Rufus are left in the boat and the group climbs up the anchor chain. Lear casts Shillelagh, Virtue, and Guidance on himself before climbing. About halfway up they send two gnomes, Muckbottom & Diggory, through a porthole in the side. Climbing order is Lear, Ichabod, Belven, and finally Dewel who has difficulty making the climb (failed first 2 Str checks). When the whole group is at the top of the chain, Lear leaps over the rail onto the deck club at the ready. The party follows immediately and gets the drop on the 14 sahaugins on deck (surprise round).

Initiative is rolled. Dewel snaps a shot off with his crossbow that misses. Lear rushes forward and brains a sahaugin with his club. Belven pegs another with his crossbow, and Ichabod charges a four but misses.

Dewel manages to score a hit with his second shot. The sahaguin recover from their surprise. 2 on the lower deck fire crossbows at the party but miss. One of the wounded ones charges Lear and trips, falling prone (rolled 1, failed balance check). Two gang up on Ichabod but fail to connect. Two more fire at Belven and one hits for 4 pts. of damage. Two sahaguins rush to the upper deck to protect the leader, who just postures, and the final two position themselves on the lower deck. Lear attacks and misses the prone sahaguin, Belven misses his 2nd shot, and Ichabod fails to connect with his opponent.

Dewel shots one of Ichabod's enemies with his next shot. The prone sahaguin stands up, dodging an attack of opportunity from Lear. Another charges Lear and pokes him good with his trident for 8 damage. Two of the sahaguins head below deck, and a third joins the fight against Ichabod. The rest of them let loose with a volley of crossbow bolts, one of which hits Belven for 4 damage. Lear misses his next shot, Belven casts Bless, and Ichabod manages to kill one with his quarterstaff.

Next Dewel shoots and kills one of the sahaguin on the lower deck but the sahaguin rally. Two each hit Lear for 5 and 5 damage, 1 pegs Dewel with a crossbow for 2, Belven is hit with a bolt for 4, and 2 wail on Ichabod, dropping him. Lear repsonds by killing one of his combatants while Belven heals himself for 5.

Dewel opens the 5th round of combat with a missed shot. A sahaguin spears Lear with it's trident for 8 damage dropping him, 2 charge and miss Dewel. Belven manages to heal Lear for 8, getting him back on his feet and still in the fight.

Dewel backs off and wounds one for 2. Lear manages to avoid getting struck, but Belven takes a trident for 4 and a crossbow bolt for 8 which drops him to -3, bleeding out on the deck. Lear immediately heals Belven for 9 who stands up and takes a swing with his mace but misses.

Dewel shoots and kills the one in melee with Belven. Lear is struck for another 3 damage and a sahaguin advances on Dewel. Belven takes another crossbow bolt in the chest dropping him to -5 and critically bleeding unconsious on the deck. Lear shifts into a defensive fighting stance and misses with his club.

At this time Captain Angus comes tearing up out of the hatch with a scimitar in each hand, ready to join the fray. Dewel retreats and manages to wound another sahaguin. None of the sahaguin manage to score a hit this round, but unfortunately neighter does Lear.

Angus charges forward but misses, as does Dewel, and a sahaguin manages to shoot Dewel for 6 damage. Meanwhile Lear stablizes Belven with a successful heal check.

Angus then slays an opponent and Dewel shoots and kills one as well. The sahaguins respond by wounding Lear and shooting Dewel, who is exactly at 0 hit points (only allowing a single partial action). Lear does manage to kill the sahaguin who wounded him, leaving 4 enemies standing counting the Leader who has been observing for the whole fight.

Angus moves off of the lower deck, joining the rest of the fight. Dewel misses his shot. The sahaguin charge Dewel and Angus, but are unable to penetrate the party's defenses. Lear charges the one fighting Dewel and kills him.

Angus manages to kill the one who attacked him, and Dewel takes a pot shot at the Leader but misses. The sahaguin charge Lear and miss while Lear ignores them and advances to the upper to challenge the Leader.

Angus runs to the Leader as well, but before Lear and Angus can wail on him Dewel puts a crossbow bolt through his forehead. The remaining sahaguin tries to flee but is cut down by Lear (attack of opportunity). End combat.

During the fight Muckbottom and Diggory have released the crew who have dealt with the few enemies below deck. The Imperative is back in the hands of Captain Angus and crew. The PCs ask what happened and Angus tells them that they came up from below deck. He speculates that the portholes were jimmied. The Dinghy is brought up with Rufus & Noble. The floating body Dewel recovered from before is identified as Abe, an able seaman. Abe is apparently the only fatality from the initial attack.

The deck is turned into a clinic and the Quartermaster hands out bandages and supplies. One of the crew looks at the Roundabout witha spyglass and sees that it is in control of sahaguin who are pointing the ships guns at the Imperative. Lear asks Angus if there are any healing potions on board. He takes the party into his cabin and gives each of them an orange which provides the benefit of a cure moderate spell - apparently the PCs were not the only ones to take advantage of the tapestries in the Lighthouse Monastary.

The Imperative has begun firing on the Roundabout, which is returning fire. Angus and the party board a row boat and row through the night sea over to the Roundabout as the two ships' cannon balls fly over head.

End of Session

950 XP

Kill List: 14 sahaguin

Session ends night of the 12th day, 11th day of voyage

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sessions 3, 4 and 5

Session 3:

We partied with some gnomes. Two dingies of gnomes went out. Two came back. We make our way back to the imperative only to find that its been boarded by Sahaquin (frog people with a decent AC (armour class)). We kick their asses and get some good XP. We save the imperative. Then boom. Turns out those assholes have taken over the Roughshod (the other ship) too. Session ends.

Session 4:

We saved the Roughshod. One of the dingies that came back was missing its members except for Josiah Glint. Turns out Josiah Glint is a charlatain and tries to bust out some magic on our ass but Lear clubs him, knocking his little ass out. We are heros, again. We also think Josiah Glint has something to do with the Sahaquin attack. The Sahaquin fuck some shit up, including killing a good number of able bodied seamen. Did I mention we're fucking heros. We all level up. Dewel is now a bad-ass sorcerer that shots magic missles and has flaming hands.

Session 5:

We find out Josiah Glint is working for some a-hole named Joph. He got paid a lot to attempt to commandeer the Roughshod and the Imperative. We suspect Joph and the owner of the two boats are not on good terms. We also suspect that we're going to get stuck on some shit-ass island if we're not careful. We ran out of water. We went to a beautiful island infested with hags. We killed those bitches dead. Magic dogs, magic wolves, and Rufus (the resident bad-ass of the group) clean up good. We get some magic stuff. Dewel gets magic crap from Yandalla (the gift of "True Strike" with a magic arrow). Session ends. We get 620XP.

Hank Splitoak joins the party. He does pretty damn well in combat for being an enfeebled dweeb from the moment combat starts (hags gave him the evil-eye and he pissed himself). We also each got 1 cure light wounds potion and 1 bark skin potion (Lear makes them; Lear does not get bark skin).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Session 2 - The Lighthouse Monastery

Date: 12/1/10
Location: Wes' Condo
Present: Jake, Wes, Bobby, Joey

The session kicks off immediately with combat between the party and 3 ash rats. Belven got a face full of smoke from the crate containing the ash rats and passes out from asphyxiation (Bobby was running late and the session started without him). Initiative was rolled: ash rats got a 26, Dewel got a 21, and Lear got a 4.  The ash rats immediately scatter, one heading out of the hold and into the hall, and the other 2 spreading out in the hold. Dewel ran after the ash rat in the hall and skewered it with his shortsword while lear chased down one of the others. Rufus continued to bark, signaling that someone was approaching in the hallway, but apparently that person went into a different room and never entered the hold or investigated.  Meanwhile the remaining 2 ash rats had wedged themselved between barrels in two different locations making them very difficult to hit, but eventually Dewel slew one and Lear the other (combat lasted 5 rounds).

While Dewel brought Belven around (Bobby had arrived) Lear went into the hallway and pried open a porthole.  The ash rats had given off a lot of smoke and the open porthole allowed most of it to exit the ship, hiding the evidence of the fight. Following the same line of thought the bodies of the 3 ash rats were shoved through the porthole.

Rufus was brought into the hold to growl menacingly into the crate with hopes that the ash rats would be intimidated and not try to escape. Lear lifted the lid and Dewel and Belven peeked in and managed to see that there were 6 ash rats left in the crate (making a total of 9 brought on the voyage). The party re-locked the crate and the hold and went to bed.

During the next day while Lear and Belven go about their assigned tasks Dewel searches for the chocolate eating gnome but is unable to locate him. The party does not find this suspicious as there is a lot of activity on the ship and Dewel kept having to abandon the search to work. Eventually Dewel gives up and dives into his role as able seaman.

On the morning of the 4th day of the voyage the botanist Jaquees pulls Lear aside and asks if he has gleaned any new information. Lear informs him that he is exploring the possibility that the leaf presented to him isn't really a plant at all (which it clearly is, rolled a 1 on his Knowledge Nature check). Jaquees leaves shaking his head and avoids Lear for the rest of the day.

By the 7th day of the voyage the crew is restless in anticipation of putting in at the Light House Monastery for supplies, a fact show by the frequency and topic of conversation as they confide in Belven in his role as spiritual advisor as ship's cleric.

The Light House Monastery (Belven explains to his party mates) is run by an order of monks charged with safeguarding knowledge and known for their skill in arbitration. Belven has heard that there is a relatively new abbott named Andrew Hollis at the abbey (NOTE: this campaign takes place a few decades before the Montana Stevens Game previously run by Joey).

Sure enough that evening the Imperative and the Roundabout dock next to a jetty extending out from a bluff where the monastery rests.  The monastery is noted as being a very large building that is 5 stories high (the highest building in Yorick is 3 stories making this the tallest building any party member has ever encountered).  There is no community built around it, just the one massive building.  The Imperative docks and Captain Angus heads down the gainplank to warmly greet a bearded monk, someone he obviously has met several times and has a good relationship with. Belven asks the boatswain how long they will be docked and is told no more than 24 hours.

Since there is only room for one ship to dock at a time, a group of gnomes started lashing the Roundabout to the side of the Imperative so that a gainplank could be run between the two ships. Dewel heads over to help and takes the opportunity to chat with the gnomes. Once the intership gainplank is in place a gnome in golden armor with a holy symbol of Garl Glittergold (gnomish patron god) crosses over from the Roundabout. Belven moves forward and introduces himself. 

The gnome's name is Josiah Glint and he is the cleric for the Roundabout. Belven discovers that Josiah was recruit by Noah, the same recruiter that hired the party and presumably most of the crew. Feigning ignorance, Belven asks Josiah what the purpose of the voyage is. Josiah replies that he does not know, but there is much speculation amoung the Roundabout's crew. He specifically shares a rumour that the purpose of the voyage is to retrieve Baron Tugsley's wife and bring her back to Yorick. Josiah has not explored the Roundabout much and has not seen the hold. Belven shares that the party was told that the expedition was in search of a particular plant. Josiah seems puzzled at this information but does not press for more.

After Belven's conversation with Josiah Glint, Dewel wonders if there is an abnomally large number of gnomes on the voyage.  A quick survey reveals that there seems to be an even distribution of gnomes, dwarves, half-orcs, and elves among the 2 crews with a liberal sprinkling of halflings.  Since dwarves traditionally don't make good sailors and are distrustful of boats and open water the party decides that there was no real descrimination in hiring, which furthers their belief (along with the very high pay promised) that the expedition's backers, namely Baron Tugsley, has no intention of paying the crew and most likely has a nefarious plot to maroon or elimiate them in some way after the mission objectives have been accomplished.

While looking specifically for other halflings amoung the crew Dewel spies the halfling gunner Jindal and notices that he only has one thumb. As Jindal heads down the plank to land dewel joins him, strikes up a conversation, and steers it around to asking him about the lost thumb while Belven, Lear, and Rufus fall in behind them. Jindal says that he lost it in an accident involving an not quite extinguished fuse. Belven quietly lets Lear know that Jindal is lying (successful sense motive check). Stopping and letting the two halflings move ahead, Lear asks Belven if removal of a thumb could be the punishment of a crime in a particualr city or area, but Belven doesn't know (failed untrained knowledge check).

Meanwhile Dewel asks Jindal about the crossbow Jindal has strapped to his back. Jindal replies that it was his father's and says his father was a ner-do-well (suggesting that he was a criminal of some sort). Dewel asks to examine the crossbow and notes that it is of extraordinary quality and that the bolts almost glimmer (flavor text suggesting that at least the bolts and maybe the crossbow are magical). Jindal tells Dewel that the bolts are useful against certain types of creatures with a sidelong glance at Lear. When Dewel asks him to elaborate Jindal instead asks about Lear's habits at night and says that he doesn't trust the "canine-ness" of Lear, strongly implying that Lear should be watched. Further conversation reveals that Jindal's dad did not die peacefully and that Jindal is a follower of St. Cuthbert. Jindal then breaks away from his conversation and heads elsewhere.

As the party enters the Grand Hall of the monastery they are filled with a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility.  The hall is filled with tapestries depicting the various gods and famous legends of Neustrasia.  Lear notices a balcony indicating a 2nd floor to the hall, and a stair where a bald dark-skinned monk with an eye-patch stands guard.  Lear inquires about the second floor and the guard tells Lear that it is where the monastery's collection of artifacts is stored, and any may go up to view them (but not touch - something that is strongly stressed). Lear ascends the stair to check out the 2nd floor.

Meanwhile Dewel, having picked an orange from the orchard out front, falls to his knees in prayer in front of the Yondalla (halfling patron god) tapestry. In doing so he places his orange on the tapestry. To his amazement the orange sinks into the tapestry and dissappears when his prayer is finished.

Belven has noticed that the Pelor tapestry appears to glow slightly but fails to puzzle out why (rolled a 1 on his Knowledge Religion check). While he is pondering Dewel runs over excitedly, hauls Belven over to the Yondalla tapestry, and repeats the orange trick (he first tries it with trail rations to no effect). Belven blinks a couple of times, runs outside, returns with an orange and approaches the Pelor tapestry.

Holding the orange before him Belven prays feverently to Pelor. As his prayer concludes he touches the orange to the tapestry, whereupon the orange begins to faintly glow. Puzzled at this different reaction Belven notices that the glow seems to be coming from under the rind. When he peels the orange a bring light spills forth. After showing Dewel, Belven cautiously eats a glowing orange section. He immediately feels stoutly healthy (+2 to Constitution for 10 min/section eaten).

Immediately Dewel and Belven run out to the orchard, hastily look about for a basket or wheel barrow to collect oranges in. As they begin to harvest one of the monastery’s monks comes up and sternly reprimands them, explaining that the oranges are monastery property and they may only take what they need. Chastised, Dewel and Belven each take 2 oranges and head back into the Grand Hall.

Upstairs Lear sees rack and display cases holding weapons, armor, scrolls, and items of every design. All are obviously intensely magical. After viewing the collection appreciatively Lear returns to the first floor of the Grand Hall meeting Dewel and Belven as they re-enter with their 2 oranges. Dewel and Belven quickly fill Lear in about the tapestries. Dewel hurries over to the Yondalla tapestry and repeats the prayer/orange routine. Both oranges sink into the tapestry. Dewel, obviously expecting an effect similar to the Con boosting orange stares at the spot vacated by his two oranges for a minute before shrugging and muttering “Yondalla’s will be done” under his breath. Belven makes 2 more Con boosting oranges.

Lear approaches the Obad-hai tapestry (note: Lear worships nature as a primal force and is not a follower of Obad-hai) and tries to create a similar effect with a handful of seeds and berries. The seeds and berries each grow twice their size. Lear eats a berry which tastes very sweet but does not grant any particular game mechanic bonus. He pockets the seeds and berries for later.

After experimenting with the tapestries Dewel expresses to the party that he feels that this hall is “the last bastion of hope in a dying world”. Unbeknownst to the party a young monk has quietly walked up behind them. He startles them by saying that Dewel’s comment is far too pessimistic. He goes on to say that he believes that faith in and of itself is never a bad thing and as long as there is faith ultimately there is hope for the world.

Belven recognizes the monk’s face from a commemorative coin and identifies him to the party as the Abbott Andrew Hollis. All are surprised as Hollis appears to be only twenty years of age. When the party comments on his youth Hollis relies that the pervious Abbott had an extremely long life for a human (lightly implied to be an effect of the role and title of the Abbott position) living to the age of 425. Hollis goes on to explain that when the old Abbott died the senior monks convened and when their meeting was over simply declared Hollis the Abbott. Dewel, who has obviously been wrestling with faith since entering the Grand Hall asks if Andrew Hollis worships a specific god. Hollis replies that he believes in something but he doesn’t know exactly what. Dewel and Hollis talk quietly about prayer and faith until Belven interrupt to ask if ships often stop at the Lighthouse Monastery to supply. Hollis says that they do, and then pauses and -with a side long glance- says that if the party is looking for it he can provide an experience that will help them but warns that it is dangerous. The party agrees with no discussion.

Andrew Hollis leads them to a dark room, hands them each a torch, and indicates that they should enter. As soon as the last party member crosses the threshold Hollis shuts the door behind them. Immediately torches on the walls spring to light illuminating a fairly large room that appears to be a martial practice hall of some sort. In the far corner of the hall stands 6 large wicked looking orcs armed with javelins and brandishing large falchions.

Initiative is rolled: Dewel gets a 17, Belven a 16, the orcs a 13, and Lear a 4. Dewel and Belven open up with their crossbows but fail to score a hit. Three orcs return with a volley of javelins thrown into the party and the other three charge forward and lay into our heroes with their swords grievously wounding Belven. Lear casts Magic Fang on Rufus and moves forward to engage an orc. Rufus circles behind the orc Lear confronts and flanks him, scoring a vicious bite.

Dewel prays as he looses another bolt (which misses), and Belven retreats 5 feet and heals himself with a Cure Light Wounds spell. The orc presses after Belven, keeping him engaged, and another orc hits Lear solidly giving him a major wound. Lear also back off 5 feet and casts Shillelagh to empower his club. Rufus continues to harry his orc but fails to connect.

Dewel wastes yet another bolt, but Belven manages to cave in the side of the head of the orc standing toe to toe with him. Another orc rushes up to take his place. One of the orcs manages to slip past Rufus and Lear and splits Dewel open with his fachion, leaving Dewel barely on his feet. At Lear’s command Rufus chases after and kills the orc threatening Dewel while Lear slays the orc he is engaging.

Dewel cursingly misses another shot while Belven pounds on the latest orc attacking him damaging the orc severely. In return the orc lands a mighty blow on the cleric which drops him (-2 hit points). The remaining two orcs split, one going for and hitting Rufus and the other squaring off with Lear. Lear dispatches his orc with one blow and then, knowing that Dewel can’t survive another hit, falls back to form a defensive perimeter with Rufus that protects the halfling. Rufus keeps the orc he’d confronting at bay but doesn’t manage to actually damage him.

Dewel finally manages to connect and shatters the head of the orc standing over Belven like an overripe melon with his crossbow shot. The final orc turns his focus to Lear but misses, and Rufus leaps forward to tear his throat out, ending the combat (combat lasts 5 rounds).

When the final orc falls his body vanishes as do the bodies of his companions and the torches on the walls go out, leaving the party in darkness. The door opens and Andrew Hollis enters. He heals everyone of their wounds.

End of Session

XP: 750

Kill List: 3 ash rats, 6 orcs

Session ends evening of the 8th day, 7th day of the voyage

Friday, November 19, 2010

Session 1

Date: 11/18/2010
Location: Bobby's
Present: Jake, Bobby, Wes, Joey

The game begins in the port town of Yorich. Our party has been hired by Noah, an employment broker, to accompany a sea voyage. The fee of 1000 gold has been promised to each of us, with a 10% advance. This is determined later to be an exhorbant amount, and therefore deemed suspicious.

The following info is given or found initially:
  • The voyage has two ships - the Imperative (the party's ship) and the Roundabout
  • Each ship has a crew of around 25 (the Imperative has 26 total)
  • Each ship has a cleric
  • The Imperative's Captain is a red-headed dwarf named Angus Brightheart
  • The purpose of the voyage is to pick something up from an island in the west
  • Notable crew are Human Boatswain Roger Mockson, Half-elven Lt. Commander Cardamon, Halfling Gunner Jindal, and Matcher Thorington
  • Lear is hired to be the Botanist's assistant, Dewel Yotul is hired as an able seaman, and Belven Urthadar is hired as the Imperative's cleric

After typical adventuring antics in a bar, the party reports for duty at first light on deck. Capt. Angus given the usual motivational/disciplinary speech and orders the following issued to each member of the crew:

  • Sailor's slacks
  • 2 knit wool shirts (green & white striped, and one green & brown striped to Lear)
  • 2 pairs of knit wool stockings
  • 3 individual leather shoes
  • 1 pair of iron shoe buckles
  • 1 knit wool cap (white with poofball)
  • 1 wool blanket
  • a set of wire & coarse hair brushes for grooming
  • 1 wooden spoon
  • 1 tin cup
  • 1 all purpose rag
  • 2 lemons
  • 1lb of tea leaves
  • 1lb of coffee

The crew breaks and goes about their assigned tasks. Each member is assigned to a bunk room of six, the party winds up being the sole occupants of their bunk. The botanist, Dr. Jaquees, introduces himself to Lear and (in the privacy of the bunk) informs him that the voyage is seeking a specific type of leaf. Jaquees gives Lear a sample of the leaf which he names Jasper leaf. It is broad, about the size of a paperback book, and velvety. Lear divides his sample and asks Belven to test it for healing properties. None are identified and Lear determines that it is not poisonous. Lear heads to the crows nest to inform Dewel about the leaf. Belven begins to ask crew members if they know about the leaf. He meets Cargill and McReady, dwarf twins, and Cargill hints strongly that we need to see the hold.

Lear, Belven, and Cargill head downstairs (Rufus is told to stay on deck) where they are briefly questioned by a half-elf exiting the hold. Then they examine the hold itself. The hold is filled with wooden troughs and gardening utensils. Cargill excuses himself. While Lear and Belven discuss transporting plants the door shuts. It is locked.

Dewel notices the dissappeance of his party and heads down to investigate. Dewel picks the lock on the hold and releases Belven and Lear. They all hear a comotion up on deck. Heading topside they discover Rufus appearantly going crazy. After a failed attempt to calm the dog, Jaquees admits that dog ate some of the Jasper leaf. Lear manages to take the dog down to the bunk to sleep it off.

They party heads for dinner. Belven confronts Cargill who claims that he locked the party in the hold by accident. Lear finds out from Jaquees that the owner of the boat and the financer of the voyage is Royal Baron Tugsley. Leaving dinner early the party stands on deck enjoying the night. Lear passes a flask of whiskey around. They are approached by the ship's armorer, Fletcher, who is interested in drinking. After failing to get any notable info about Tugsley out of Fletcher (he's rich and reclusive) Fletcher (in response to a direct question from Lear) states that if the party wanted to buy anything on the DL, they should talk to one of the gnomes.

Heading downstairs Dewel makes a beeline for the first gnome he sees, and happy little guy chowing down on a huge brick of chocolate (which later proves to be non sweet cooking chocolate when he cheerfully shares with Dewel).The gnome is the Quartermaster's mate and agrees to show the party the storehouse on board.

The store house is pitch black, requiring a lantern, and has the typical foods and gear needed for a long voyage. The gnome lets the party know that the plan is to stop at the Lighthouse Monastary for supplies. He then shows a map with the ship's course inked in. The final destination is an island called Godshed. The gnome then unlocks a crate that emenates smoke, and casually tosses some paper in. He then re-locks the crate. Everyone exits the storehouse, but as soon as the gnome is gone Dewel picks the lock and the party re-enters. Rufus is set to guard the hallway and the Dewel quickly finds the smoking crate and picks the lock. Using Dewel's hooded lantern to peer in, the party sees that the box is full of ash rats. Quickly they shut the lid but not before several ash rats escape. Rufus barks from the hallway signaling that some one has entered the hallway and is about to discover the party.

End of Session.

XP: 250

Session ends evening of Day 2